Hi, I’m Raelean, I am an artist who over the years has spent much of my time both professionally, and just for fun, immersed in fine art, graphic design, photography and fabric design.  My creative work at Paper and Flower seems to be the perfect dance of all of these loves and skills.

Flowers are infinitely beautiful to me and I spend large amounts of time with camera in hand, walking, clicking photos.....always trying to capture the essence of the organic beauty I see along my way.  

My artworks are created with all of the flowers and delicate beauty I have captured in those images, collaged and layered in impressions of colour and transparency.  Flowers float on the paper creating rich gardens of butterflies, bouquets, gardens and patterns. 

It is my intention to bring your eye to the intimate details of all things from mother nature.  Show you the wonder that she is...the delicate world that exists in the heart of a single flower, the extravagance that can be found in an entire garden....on paper.

I hope you find some of that wonder in my floral world.

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Raelean Goodacre artist at Paper and Flower