Good Design is Sustainable Design

Thankfully my business model is not complicated.... a lovely person chooses an artwork.... I order the artwork.... my beautiful printers choose ink, paper and timber to print and frame the artwork.

I had purpose when I was choosing how to manufacture the prints and frames of my artwork.  I didn't want to be wasteful. I didn't want to make a product that wasn't used and loved, just sitting in a cupboard somewhere, waiting. I want each piece to be printed and framed to order, only if it is needed.

So when seeking a printer and framer I considered thoughtfully and was excited to find one who not only build stunning hand made frames of high quality but also choose to tread lightly on this earth.  Here are some of their sustainable practices and philosophies. 

Sustainable Materials

The frames are produced from locally-sourced Victorian ash which has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. FSC certification provides the highest level of protection for rare and endangered forests and wildlife of any existing forest certification scheme and is the only system that mandates consultation with local Indigenous Peoples. 

Better Alternatives

Images are printed to a 310 gsm 100% cotton rag, which is considered the most environmentally friendly of photographic paper as it uses no tree fibres, instead it is produced from a recycled by-product of the textile making industry. While the cotton industry is not kind to the environment, as this is a by-product, it is considered to have low environmental impact as no cotton is grown specifically to make the paper stock

Sustainable Packaging

When shipping, instead of conventional bubble wrap, prints are wrapped in Polycell EcoPure, a biodegradable bubble wrap alternative which is designed to degrade in a landfill overtime.  The delivery boxes are made from 3BC stock which is comprised of 77% recycled content and 33% from FSC certified kraft fibres that are sourced from Gippsland in Victoria.

100% Carbon Neutral Deliveries

All deliveries are 100% Carbon Neutral. The distribution company is partnered with an internationally recognised carbon solutions provider that will offset the carbon footprint of your frame from pick up to delivery.

Built to Last

Each frame, from a mini to full-scale print, is hand produced from scratch in a Melbourne workshop to a museum standard, meaning your art will be protected for over 100 years. Each print is shielded with 3mm plexiglass, a shatter-proof, museum-grade alternative to glass which also protects your work from UV damage and fading over time.

Intentional design

The four sizes which have been chosen are based on material size to maximise yield and minimise off-cut wastage. Whilst foam core and plexiglass aren't eco-friendly options, so until a quality alternatives found the intention is to eliminate all unnecessary wastage. 

Good Design is Sustainable Design

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